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The End of The Fucking World
It didn’t take long before I finished this show. It’s quite short and
powerful, 20mins one episode, but I even feel it’s even shorter than
that when watching it.
两个操蛋的人,和他俩操蛋的人生。 完美地诠释了什么叫丧到深处自然萌。 Some
comments say that it’s like the dark version of Flipped, or the young
version of You’re The Worst. Two fucked up persons, with their fucked up
life, Which perfectly explain what is like to be adorable when you’re
extremely fucked up.
Just out of a sudden, the so called “dark culture”, or “wasted culture”
became so popular that shows like BoJack Horseman was known to all.
Maybe the acknowledgement that someone out there in the world is the
same as me, miserable, sad, fucked up, cowardly, unfortunate, gives us a
sense of security of being in the group of something; or the knowing
someone out there is even worse than that gives us the the feeling of
rejoicing. After all, facing a life like this, there’s little we can do
but sitting behind the screen to let those in the show to complete our
imaginations of fighting back in a dramatic, stupid, crazy but relieving
way. 豆瓣热评说“每次看到这样的剧,我都觉得可以相信爱情。”
One popular comment goes like this “Every time I see something like
this, I believe in love once again.” To be honest, I don’t think I see
great love from this show, maybe is because it’s too short to show the
chemical sparkles to people. From my aspect, I see more of a kind of
fear of two weird outsiders of the world, being afraid to loose each
other and be alone again. I can understand “You’re the worst, but you’re
the best for me.” can symbolize love, cause after all, two “worst”
become “best”. But in this show, it’s more like “Since we are both
fucked up anyway, let’s fuck this world up together then.” It’s from
dark, to darker. 全剧女主(Alyssa)台词较多,也是两人情感线的绝大多线索。
“我觉得和他在一起的时候我更像我自己。”(这句也许最接近爱情) Lines of
Alyssa contribute more to the emotion line of the show. “Sometimes I
think James is the one I can really love.”(she used “can”, I feel like
she is seeking for safety or help from James all the time.)” “I fell
more like myself when I’m with him.” (maybe this one is closer to love)
James is more like a little idiot, form a numb young boy to a man who
can feel something again. The change of James can represent love better.
Anyway, don’t be too serious when watching the show. Hope you can be
adorable after the extreme darkness lol. P.S. 这个剧的配乐必须满分!

I just let it go”. 还好有女孩,suck但是很爽。“you know. If people want
to do stuff to you, you don’t have to let them. “”Yeah””do you””yeah””so
why did you”

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-Silence. -A double room. -A double room with a double bed for double
sex. (I really need to cry.)

-Omg。 这真是我听过的最美的情话。-Do you want me? Or do you just go
along with things? – I want you.

-James? Can you cuddle me?

03 Sometimes James likes the boy I truly love. But sometimes he just
like fucking strangers.

That’s a lot of cash. We robbed the bank.

How do you what? Know what? That this one’s safe. No obvious burglar
alarm. Dust everywhere. So no cleaners to worry about. Post, a least a
week’s worth.

Hey. Look what I found. Alyssa didn’t have much respect for people or
people stuff. I sometimes wonder if I should just become an alcoholic.
It means you’ve always got something to do.

Some people get embarrassed dancing. I don’t. I think it’s when I feel
most myself. I get embarrassed talking. Or after talking when I railed
I’ve said something stupid. We should do this naked. Something like

As a rule, I didn’t dance. But it’s hard to say no to Alyssa. (Because
when you with Alyssa, the best way just say yes all the time)


-whoever says all boys are obsessed with sex hasn’t met James. I really
hope I’m not bad at this. Huh. Is this ok? Uh, stop, could you please
stop? What? He was putting me off? I thought you say you wanted to me. I
do, I did. Liar, Fuck you.

Alyssa. I tended not to feel things. For a long time, I was good at it.
Good at feeling absolutely nothing. I didn’t have to try, I just didn’t.

The world is fucking bleak. I guess I try and do things to forget that
it is. Keep busy, keep blind. I thought that’s what me and James were
doing. Don’t look at that. Hey. Hey. How old are you, then? 17.
Yeah,right. You look better in person. Fuck off. (I do, actually, my mum
say it’s secret weapon.which I think is kind of rude. But I see her
point. )

Do you have girlfriend? No. Do you have boyfriend? No. James,this is
Cris. Cris,this is James. We will go upstairs to make sex. Being with
Alyssa had started to make me feel things. She made me feel things. And
I didn’t like it at all.

Alyssa had thrown me a curveball. I have to bite my time. Do I decided
to have a look around.

Oh. Please respect I change my mind and fuck off please.

That’s a word for girls like you. I bet.

It feels like sexy can go from something you want to do, to a
punishment. Really ducking quickly.

When her eyes were closed, Alyssa looked a lot less angry.


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